You are an investor? Begin to cooperate with Russia

Nowadays, when Poland became member of EU, plenty of things had change. We are able to labor outside our borders or even to sell our products without any additional permissions.

But unluckily, Eastern Europe is stuffed with plenty of various articles, so it is harder to sell ours. That is why, you have to start in Russia.

The one thing you have to take care of in here is GOST R certificate. That state isn't a member of EU, and probably won't be. But on the second hand, it is somehow wealthy, and it citizens requires plenty of different goods. That is why, plenty of Polish investors are thinking of dealing with Russian buyer, cause it isn't so difficult as you could thing. Because GOST R is a certificate which you may get really easy. Not every single article must to have it - it is required just for food and drugs. But even if you are producing some machines, you need to try to have it, cause Russian buyer trust it very much, and they won't buy a product without it - ->Certyficator.

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Author: Yahya S.
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gost r

You got two possible ways to have Russian GOST. One is to do it by yourself. You need to go to special commission in this country to start testing your products, of course everything need to be sponsored from your own pocket. It is long process, so better to leave it to the experts. Cause in Poland, you will be able to find plenty of firms, which are laboring in Russian GOST sector. They are aware exactly what to do, therefore entire process will be much easier. They are not very expensive, so you may even save some money on them, because everything will be much faster, so you earn a lot of time - russian gost.

If you want to sell plenty of your goods outside Polish borders, you need to try in Russia.

You just have to remember to get GOST R certificate, it'll help you to distribute each good.

When You’re interested by this note we disclosed, do not procrastinate and click our hyperlink, great offer is surely worth Your notice.

To get it, you better hire dedicate agency, which is skilLED in this topic.
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