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Have you ever noted an unofficial division of Poland? I thinkam talking about about a distinction which is pretty often used and well-known in Poland: Poland A as well as Poland B.

Those two regions vary in the level of economic development. Poland A is half of Poland that is more economically advanced and develops faster. Poland B is less advanced and is structurally weaker in general. Clearly, this division did not come out of nowhere. It has its beginning in Polish history. The genesis is found in the period of the partitions, when territories taken over by Prussia were much more developed than provinces annexed by Austria and Russia.

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The good information is that the Polish authorities undertake different steps to cut down those disparities and increase chances for more rapid development of Poland B. For example, in 2007, the Operational Programme called “Development of Eastern Poland” were implemented. Funds from established program are intended to aid and speed up development of Poland B. The city authorities do their best to effectively spend accessible funding and opportunitieschances it brings. Czarna Bialostocka could be a useful illustration. That is a town placed in Podlaskie province. This is quite tiny - in 2013 the city had 9671 inhabitants.

In 2012 the action of developing the Podlaski Industrial Park in Czarna Bialostocka has started. There are 2 major reasons which would support it to be the most profitable industrial park in Poland - explore here.

To begin with, Czarna Bialostocka has a very favourable location. It’s merely 35 kilometers to the border crossing with the Republic of Belarus and barely 145 kilometers to Lithuania. Furthermore, there is less than 200 kilometers to the Kaliningrad Oblast and to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
, it’s not more 22 km away from Bialystok – the main city of the region, where important universities are locatedplaced. Thanks to this, well-educated students studying at these colleges will be able to provide knowledge.

Hopefully, because the above listed reasons, plenty of foreign businessmen interested in investing in Poland, will come to the Podlaski Industrial Park and commit to the development of Poland B.
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