Are you aware how many profits can give your hairdresser salon an online scheduling software?

A fully professional program for handling a beautician, a hairdresser or a wellness salon is able to enhance the work of every person running a business in the cosmetics industry.

Author: Tatiana Vdb

The program allows you to organize the salon in respect of marketing, organization and advertising. Because of the software, employees can not solely efficiently and plainly arrange the timetable, but also maintain the contact with the customer in various ways, informing him of recent promotions or the ongoing offers of the activity.

Thanks to the online scheduling software, you could handle your firm anywhere, anytime via a web browser. Everything you are going to need is Internet access. It is irrelevant if you have a PC, tablet or smartphone. With the online scheduling software, you can utilize any instruMENt with a browser and the Internet access. You do not need to adapt device to the system. The software adapts to your hardware. Salon software allows you to note client appointments in a timetable, that will profitably substitute your conventional notebook. Salon software gives the chance to modify, develop the database and provide fast customer assistance. You arrange all customer data, and you will have connection to it from anywhere. You are able to send SMS and mails about approaching events, promotions and new services in the salon. You may write down any hints, comments and considerations in the shape of extended notes.

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The program for the operation of hairdresser salons permits you to quickly and professionally implement the customer assistance, pick the suitable time of the visit and personalize any client profile.
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