Which cosmetics to buy?

Females would like to get better their appearance. They do not listen to individuals who say that they look beautiful and do not have to get better anything. Nevertheless, women like to wear make-up wherever they go- to school, to work or to a shop.

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In this article will be shown a man who has had great impact on manufacturing make-upp cosmetics. The man is Eugene Rimmel and the company is called Rimmel London. Rimmel Company was established in 1834 by Eugene Rimmel. It is a well-known British cosmetics corporation now possessed by Coty Corporation. The main office of Rimmel is placed in the main city of the United Kingdom – London.

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Women contemporarily are known to be interested in diverse products and solutions that might help them to look better. Consequently, they in most cases decide to spend sometimes plenty money in order to get best products such as for instance deodorants etc., owing to them they maycan look and be more attractive.

Rimmel Powder Company provides every make-up foundation like: lipstick, foundations, powders, blushes and more. The majorities of Rimmel’s items are manufactured in EU and are very high quality. Moreover, the excellences of the powder are proved by movie stars who are willing to advertise the cosmetics. The present faces which are easily met at Rimmel’s posters and adverts are: Kate Moss, a model and 2 singers: Sophie Eliis- Bextor and Lily Cole. Furthermore, the Rimmel cosmetics are sold international and are well-known internationally.

Who was the creator of the famous foundation mark? Eugene Rimmel was born in 1820 in France. He was an amazing perfumer and manufacturer.

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He went to London with his family in his early adolescence. In 1834, at age of fourteen he and his father opened their 1st own perfumery named the House of Rimmel. Eugene Rimmel’s parent was his educator and he showed him how to create most of the powder. Later on, they manufacture some innovative cosmetics together. Many people think Eugene Rimmel to be a father of powder industry. It is nothing weird. His largest triumph is a creation of 1st non-poisonous makeup. Furthermore, the product has become so well-known that normal individuals who used it began to use the word “rimmel” as an alternative of “mascara”. At present, after almost 200 years of establishing Rimmel London corporation, the word “rimmel” is in spite of everything applied in some languages as alternative the word ” mascara”. The languages are: French, Italian, Portuguese, Persian, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

Nowadays, plenty women cannot imagine their life with Rimmel make-up powder. Progressively of them wear it each day. It is a surprise that here is no Eugene Rimmel’s monument in every town…
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